About us

Our company was established in 1994 under the name of Avers Ltd, specialized in innovative building technologies. For today fiber technology has grown into an independent business necessitating the foundation of a new department of the company, Avers Fiber Ltd. Our role is major in promoting and propagating the technology.
In 1998, we began the production of our own developed and later industrial property rights protected fibers. Two major parts of our fiber technology are concrete and asphalt  reinforcements.
An extra activity of our company is the structural and architectural design of fiber-reinforced building components. Our goal is to build  our products with the right technology and to the right place and also to serve our costumers with up-to-date technologycal solutions and modern materials. Therefore in the planning phase we help our partners to reach the technical and economic optimum. At the construction site we provide excellent consultation service as well as yearly trainings for CEOs, designers and technical decision makers.

Another important part of our professional consultation is association work. Our company is member of multiple professional associations.

The company’s future is clearly seen by the management in the development of innovative technologies and products. That’s as well the guarantee of our company’s economic stability.
More than 20 years of experience in concrete additive manufacturing and distribution, strength of our company can be summed up as follows:
·       flexibility
·       pursuit of high quality
·       thrift and
·       goal-orientatiion
·       professional knowledge
·       ’know how’
Values and standards have key roles in the life of our company that are:
·       respect
·       responsibility
·       team work
·       passion
·       courage