Compliance of rules and regulations for quality concrete production is essencial. Addition of fibers decreases the slump of fresh concrete therefore addition of plactisizer may be used or different consistency class choosen for correction.

                                                 Distribution of Concrix bicomponent fiber and steelfiber in concrete

The concrete mixture - aggregate, cement content, water content, water-to-cement ratio and concrete admixtures- may remain unchanged. Concrix microfiber is neutral to admixtures and alkali resistant.
Dosage: The additional rate of microfiber depends on the structure and application.
Addition of macrofiber at the concrete mixing plant: the fiber bundles have to be added directly to the fresh concrete in the mixer. The bundling decomposes after a few seconds in the mixture. The fibers may be added with the water soluble paper bag.
Addition of macrofiber to the concrete mixer truck: In this case the fiber may be added the same way like at the mixing plant, but in the mixer truck at least F4 consistency class is recommended.
Time of mixing: At the end of the mixing time the bundles have to open up and the fibers have to distribute evenly. Special concrete mixtures require longer mixing time. Before emptying the mixer truck the concrete needs to be moved for an extra 1-2 minutes on high speed at the construction site. 
Mixing time in the mixer truck: 1 minute/m3 on high speed.

Frequently asked question is that when, where and how are fibers mixed into the concrete.
The method of mixing is basically influenced by the wettability of the fiber surface.