Concrix Macrofiber

Concrix Macrofiber
Polymer fiber of the newest generation of fiber reinforced concrete. Concrix is a high performance, bicomponent macrofiber with coarse embossed surface. Its  core guarantees the highest strength and the unique shell ensures anchoring in the concrete.

The special, water soluble bundling assures fast, even and three dimensional distribution during the mixing process. Because of these features the Concrix Macrofiber is able to replace up to 100% of steel fiber and/or conventional steel. Consequently Concrix works as structural reinforcement and can be taken into consideration for static calculation.

Concrix Macrofiber decreases the slump of fresh concrete. In addition Concrix reinforced concrete is resistant against creeping and agressive environments where corrosion of steel fiber could be expected.

·       precast elements
·       industrial floors with very high loads
·       subfloors
·       concrete slubs for infastucture
·       shotcrete (tunnels, mines...etc)

The recommended additional rate is 2.0-7.5 kg/m3 concrete depending on the structure, but the usual dosage ranges from 3.0 kg to 6.0 kg/m3.

Standard sizes of 35 mm and 50 mm

3 kg / bag
8 bags/ box

Concrix ES fulfills the standard EN 14889-2 according to system 1 and therefore guarantees a consistently high quality.