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Preventing early-age shrinkage with micro fibers
Addition of micro fibers to tho concrete mixture may reduce early-age shrinkage in the concrete. Different fibers in the initial stage of solidification of concrete controls locally generated tensile stresses. This means that the fiber reinforcement only prevails in the first few hours of the lifetime of concrete.

Types of microfibers:
- Aveeglass
- Aveeglass Optimo
- Ave-R-Glass Optimo
- Avekril Conti
- Multi


Complete or partial replacement of conventional steel with fibrillated, mono- or macrofibers
Material properties of concrete are rigid that is characterized by low elongation at rapture and the purpose of fiber addition is to make the concrete’s behaviour more managable. For load-bearing building elements fiber reinforced concrete can be used as embedding because ductility has a beneficial effect on crack formation.
For applications where conventional steel in only structurally necessary, ductility can be improved by appropriate fiber addition, causing iron cross-section decrease, better practical applicability, capacity increase and partial or complete removal of conventional steel and/or steelfiber.

Types of fibers depending on the load and application:
- Standard
- High Grade
- Diamond
- Concrix